Green Arrow: Stranded - Brendan Deneen

Green Arrow: Stranded - Brendan Deneen
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Green Arrow: Stranded - Brendan Deneen z kategorie média, knihy, se slevou kupte přes

Knihy DobrovskýZískejte tento produkt se slevou z obchodu Knihy Dobrovský a budete spokojení s dodaným Green Arrow: Stranded - Brendan Deneen .

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Ollie has always hated the idea of hunting, but his dad insisted they go on this trip with his business partner, Sebastian, and his son, Tyler. When Ollie fails to take a perfect shot, the teasing starts, and he wonders if his dad will ever be proud of him again. But just when he thought their trip couldn t get any worse, their private jet is struck by lightning and Ollie awakens to find himself stranded on a deserted island, with no idea what to do or where the other passengers might be including his dad.He has never felt less sure of who he i...s or if he will be able to hang on until help arrives. This fast-paced and suspenseful tale from writer Brendan Deneen and illustrator Bell Hosalla is sure to keep readers on the edge of their seat!

Produkt je výrobek značky Dc Comics ,distribuovaný s EAN kódem 9781779501219.

Procházet zboží z kategorie Média Dc Comics, Knihy Dc Comics.

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Green Arrow: Stranded - Brendan Deneen
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