Boy Parts - Eliza Clark

Boy Parts - Eliza Clark
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Boy Parts - Eliza Clark z kategorie média, knihy, se slevou kupte přes

Knihy DobrovskýZískejte tento produkt se slevou z obchodu Knihy Dobrovský a budete spokojení s dodaným Boy Parts - Eliza Clark .

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A GRANTA BEST OF YOUNG BRITISH NOVELIST 2023'Hallucinogenic, electric and sharp.' JESSICA ANDREWS'Will make most readers howl with laughter and/or shut their eyes in horror.' GUARDIAN**Pre-order Eliza Clark's next novel, PENANCE, now**Irina is in a rut. She obsessively takes explicit photographs of average-looking men she scouts from the streets of Newcastle while her dead-end bar job slips away; she's more interested in drugs, alcohol, and extreme cinema. When she's offered an exhibition at a fashionable London gallery which promises to revive... her career in the art world, it should feel like an escape.But the news triggers a self-destructive tailspin, drawing in her obsessive best friend and a shy young man from her local supermarket who has attracted her attention . . .BOY PARTS is the incendiary debut novel from Eliza Clark, a pitch-black comedy both shocking and hilarious, fearlessly exploring the taboos of sexuality and gender roles in the twenty-first century. 'Smart, stylish, and very funny.' LARA WILLIAMS'Boundaries are for breaking and if anyone can crash through and reinterpret the fear of our time, Eliza Clark can.' MSLEXIA'A carnival funhouse ride: terrifying, feverish, hilarious.' JULIA ARMFIELDWHAT READERS ARE SAYING:'A dark, funny, nasty book. Brilliantly written, annoyingly good.' 5* reader review'I am obsessed.' 5* reader review'Both shocking and darkly funny, this razor-sharp debut is unlike anything I've read before.' 5* reader review'I loved this, properly loved it!!' 5* reader review'Left me both in awe and totally disturbed.Wow.' 5* reader review

Produkt je výrobek značky Faber & Faber ,distribuovaný s EAN kódem 9780571384730.

Procházet zboží z kategorie Média Faber & Faber, Knihy Faber & Faber.

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  • Stav zboží: Nové

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Boy Parts - Eliza Clark
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